WPF in RC-WinTrans



Localization support for WPF resources is an integrated part of RC-WinTrans from Version 9.1 on.  The integration consists primarily of the following:

reading WPF files.

listing the localizable data and text data translations.

XAML data view for binary BAML resources in .NET assemblies.

writing translated .NET assembly DLLs with WPF resources.

check functions (hotkeys, placeholders and spell check).

WPF menu tree view and preview.

optional use of the WPF GUI Editor for Localization (add-on component).

(XSL) stylesheets specifying localizable WPF controls and WPF data.



Project Overview Tree

WPF resources (BAML files) and WPF objects are shown in RC-WinTrans' Projects Overview tab.



Data in the Text Table View

Localizable WPF data is listed in the Text Table view (main view) of
RC-WinTrans the same as for all other file types.  Text can be translated in the Translation Edit bar.



Menu View

Menus can be displayed and edited in RC-WinTrans' Menu view where a hotkey suggestion function and missing/doubled hotkey check is available.



XAML Source View for Binary BAML Data

This view shows the source XAML data for the binary BAML files.



BAML File Assistance Functions

Primarily for the purposes of information, maintenance and support, a set of functions is supplied for BAML files in RC-WinTrans' Source and Target Files dialog box.  Details...



Hotkey Check

General hotkey check for missing and doubled hotkeys reports errors found in WPF menus and windows.



WPF GUI Editor for Localization

The layout of WPF windows can be edited with the WPF GUI Editor for Localization.  The Editor is opened on command from within RC-WinTrans for a selected WPF item- there a "true" WPF WYSIWYG design view is opened and available for editing.

The Editor is an RC-WinTrans Add-On that runs in a separate application started and controlled by RC-WinTrans.



Create Translated Assembly DLL  (Satellite DLL)

Whenever a target assembly is created information about the status of each individual BAML file is shown in the Target Files tab of RC-WinTrans' Source and Target Files dialog box.  The operation will either be designated as "successful" or as having "failed."

NOTE:  In case of a BAML file error the source BAML file is used and RC-WinTrans continues to create a valid target assembly DLL.



Localizable WPF Data

A flexible and extendable "WPF parser stylesheet" concept is used to specify which WPF controls and data are localizable.  Details...