BAML Files  (.NET Applications)




BAML Files:  Definition...


Source Files  (RC-WinTrans Translation Project)

The BAML files of a .NET assembly are listed below the "WPF Resources" tree item in RC-WinTrans' Projects Overview tab.

Figure 1:  Tree view listing the contents (BAML files) of a .NET assembly.


Target Files  (RC-WinTrans Translation Project)

In accordance with the design concept of .NET applications, translated WPF resources (BAML files) are added to the .NET satellite assembly (.dll) that RC-WinTrans creates for a target language.


NOTE:  Even when a translated BAML file cannot be created, RC-WinTrans still generates the .NET target satellite DLL.  If a translated BAML file cannot be created the corresponding source BAML file is used instead.  This guarantees the existence of BAML data in the target satellite DLL.



Figure 2:  The Target Files tab in RC-WinTrans' Source and Target Files dialog box displays a list of all the target BAML files.



BAML File Assistance Functions

Helper functions are available to resolve the issue(s) preventing a translated BAML file from being successfully created.



Show XAML Data

Opens the XAML data of the selected BAML file with the default browser application.




Shows which namespaces are used in the BAML file (and corresponding source XML file).



Copy Result

Copies a build result text in the "Result" column to the clipboard.


The functions are available for a selected BAML file as local menu commands in RC-WinTrans' Source and Target Files dialog box.