XML Parser Stylesheets  —  Localizable WPF Data




A flexible and extendable "XML parser stylesheet" concept is employed to specify which WPF data is localizable and to communicate this to both the WPF GUI Editor and RC-WinTrans.


An XML parser stylesheet specifies which WPF controls and attributes are localizable.  Two XML parser stylesheets are used by default and further stylesheets can be added to extend the range of localizable WPF data.



XML parser stylesheets required!

Further XML parser stylesheets are required to process all non-standard WPF controls for translation with RC-WinTrans and visualization with the WPF GUI Editor.

As of January 2011, RC-WinTrans comes with an XML parser stylesheet for WPF controls from the ComponentOne WPF library.  For all other non-standard WPF controls an XML parser stylesheet must be created.



Creating an XML Parser Stylesheet for WPF Controls

Custom XML parser stylesheets can be created by Schaudin.com free of charge.
Please contact our support team (support@schaudin.com) with your request for information on and/or assistance with creating a stylesheet specific to your WPF controls.  If the scope of the necessary development work exceeds the parameters of our general support we will request a cost contribution.


The diagram below illustrates the extendable stylesheet concept showing the input (1) which is an XAML file or :NET WPF application..  The WPF data is processed using the WPF parser stylesheets (2) (XSL files) to generate an output XAML file (3) used by RC-WinTrans and the WPF GUI Editor for translation and visualization.