MS Excel Import/Export Add-On



The MS Excel Import/Export Add-On for RC-WinTrans is an add-on that extends the application's capabilities to export data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file (file extension: .xls) and to import text data from an Excel spreadsheet.  Several options can be specified to determine which data will be imported or exported.

The Excel Import/Export Add-On adds two dialog boxes to the RC-WinTrans user interface.  These are the Import from Excel dialog box and the Export to Excel dialog box.

Exported data can be the data of the items selected in RC-WinTrans, of the active file, or of the entire translation project. The data can be exported to a new Excel spreadsheet or appended to an existing one.

Import from Excel Dialog

Export to Excel Dialog

Excel Spreadsheet




VBA and COM.  The add-on also provides three VBA functions to automate the Excel import/export processes.  These three functions are direct automation functions (i.e., no use of dialogs or message boxes) that can be used independently of the user interface.  They are primarily designed to be called from one's own VBA macro but it is also possible to call a macro function from a client application (e.g., a C# application).

Command line.  Two command line functions supporting the import and export of text data from and to an Excel spreadsheet.  See "Command Line Commands."