WPF GUI Editor  —  Features Overview



Localization of graphical user interface (GUI) elements in WPF applications is best handled by RC-WinTrans' WPF GUI Editor for Localization.  The Editor is equipped with many advanced layout editing features to ensure translated versions appear and run flawlessly.



Visual Layout Editing

Visual layout modification using the original Microsoft Visual Studio WPF editing technology.  The native editing environment ensures accurate results and ease of use.


Source and Target Views

Side by side WYSIWYG displays of the selected WPF window as it appears in the source and as it will appear in the target.



Mark Sized Items

Quickly and clearly identify items that have been resized or repositioned with commands available in both the WPF GUI Editor (shown left) and in RC-WinTrans (shown right).  In the Editor items and windows with layout changes will be marked with the color blue.  In RC-WinTrans modified WPF windows can be marked in the tree view of the Projects Overview tab.



Reset Size Function

Reset the size and position of a selected item or of all modified items at once.



Zoom Function

Zoom in and out of the Editor's design window to improve visibility.


Properties View

Lists out all the properties of a selected item.



XAML Source Data View

A special XAML window shows the underlying source XAML data.



WPF Window Navigation

Locate and select a WPF window from a list of all the WPF windows contained in the current RC-WinTrans translation project.



Document Outline

An organizational panel in the WPF Editor that provides an overview of the elements contained in the current document.  Details...


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